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Strange plots in anime

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Have you ever watched an anime and felt a strange sinking sensation as you fell off a cliff of madness, down a rabbit hole, or into a hall of mirrors? Basically, have you ever watched an anime with a strange plot? Which anime? Why was it strange? Did you find the gold at the end of the rainbow?

I actually run into a lot of anime that I feel are pretty strange, but for my own example, I'll just cite Girls und Panzer. At first glance, it's just "cute girls doing cute things", but if you really think about it, then things start to seem a little strange. I found myself thinking about the circumstances that could lead to an isolated world where girls engage in fierce battle in tanks.

Think about it. What about casualties? Are they training for some kind of war? If so, then are they always at war? Is everyone always at war? Why the hell are tanks only for girls? What's up with the schools? Where are all of the men/boys?!?!?! Are they all prisoners!? IS THIS A WEIRD SOCIETY OF TANK DRIVING AMAZONIAN WARRIORS!?!?!

Please Help.

Thanks !

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