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The Unfunny Gamer Discord!

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Well, instead of just complaining, I decided to go ahead and do something relating to the suggestions I've had recently. Of course, as you can tell from the title, I went ahead and decided on Discord as the place I'd like to get this started. There's three main reasons. Firstly: mobile notifications. I think I can speak for (nearly) everyone when I say that having a chat with notifications increases one's ability to interact significantly. Secondly, it's a very ubiquitous piece of software at this point that many people might already have installed. Even if you don't have it, you should give it a shot. Not even for what I'm promoting here, there are a lot of public communities on discord relating to all sorts of interests. And Finally, the channel-based structure of Discord can provide an interesting blend between the structure of a forum, and the activity of a chatroom.

I'm also aware that there are some downsides related to discord. If you want to preserve your computer's performance, it might be problematic to keep a chat client running all the time. Discord is by no means the lightest chat client out there. It's also likely not going to be embedded on the site. Quincybot is not currently capable of operating in a discord chat (although if this proves to be a successful idea, I will happily port him to discord.) And lord knows what kind of challenge there's going to be getting everyone on board with switching chats. To any of these criticisms I will say that I'm still open to suggestions. This was what I thought might be best, but I can't really say I'm the authority on that.

This forum has become extremely inactive over time, but I think just about everybody would agree that it has nothing to do with the fact that we don't want to interact and be a part of the community and everything to do with the fact that a dedicated forum to such a small group is a little cumbersome for what you get out of it. It can almost seem to feel like an obligation to get stuff moving here sometimes. And leaving a tab open for as long as you're on the website isn't always good enough.

But I've spent enough time rambling. Here's the link to join:

Hope to see you there!



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Well, now I'm officially on Discord! I was already on Discord, but if we're hanging out together then I have a good reason to start using it. Thanks for taking the initiative Carvool. I agree that UFG is inactive because it's pretty isolated, but as long as we're all having a good time together, I don't much mind where we congregate.


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Never thought I'd find a reason to join Discord until now. I'll be on there eventually.


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