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Found 6 results

  1. You knew it was coming...the game you've all been waiting's the First to Five Hundred (2014 Edition). We've tried playing this game in the past, but things have always prevented us from having a clear-cut winner. Last time we played, the board was deleted thanks to the fantastic people over at 000webhost. The time before that, almost everyone attempted to cheat their way to victory. What is this game, and why is it so hard to win?! Because it's the First to Five Hundred! The object of the game is simple: the first player to make the five hundredth post within this topic wins. However, there are a few rules... 1. No double posting (or you could easily spam your way to victory) 2. No blank or otherwise inconsequential posts 3. NO CHEATING What is the reason for all these silly rules, you might ask? Well, the winnner of this game will receive a prize from either the Steam store or the iTunes store worth a value equal to or less than $5.00. That's right, the five hundredth poster wins a prize provided by yours truly. Although, don't get your hopes up about winning. I never lose. This is post #1. Let the games begin!

    It's Dis or Dat. Two options. Pick one and EXPLAIN your choice. 1000 paper cuts or 1000 bee stings?
  3. I'm inventing a new game while IPB support is taking care of the issue with our broken topics. It's called the Person to the Right of You Game. You'll have to figure out the rules, because I have to go to bed. >
  4. Say something about the person above you. The more creative, the better! Here's an example about the person above me. ^The person above me is in an airplane, along with Samuel L. Jackson, who is sick of these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday-to-Friday plane. Now it's your turn! Say something about the person above you. The winner of this game will receive a recently repossessed candy apple red 1997 Ford Fiesta.
  5. The object of the game is comment on the person below you, who will then respond by saying true or false and explaining their reasoning. Example: ...etc. Good luck, and may the best person below me win! The person below me is not going to win.
  6. we have had some personality conflicts around this area. to balance it out, let's help out each other. there are plenty of compliments we can give each other, and we'll grow them on the fertile soil of this thread. please post a compliment, make up some pickup lines, find the goodness in it all, and stock your reserves! here's some to start off on "you're very talented" "nice teeth" "you're the einstein of pizza" "doctors MUST hate you"