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  1. Hello, I could say cartoony but i've been saying that a lot recently, animations are bouncy, the environments are bright and colourful with plenty of bloom, voice acting is cheery and child friendly, the AI conversations in the quick look were making me cringe, character abilities turn people into glowy superheroes, ground pounding like a comic book character or sprouting flaming angel wings and swords. I'm not averse to colourful things, but there's an asthetic in Destiny which feels like, i don't know, a kids tv show with fighting in it or something...Having a thin story doesn't help either, kids don't care about fully realised worlds with suffering, politics and consequences, those have been replaced with magic, smiles and badass robots! I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: https://www.giantbomb.com/forums/destiny-2-721165/this-game-is-very-fluffy-1813955/ product launch videos
  2. Hello, If you think traps are bad, then trust me, mines are FAR worse. They're like "Hey, let's offscreen you with a skill the size of the entire arena so you have no way of dodging it!" I know that I myself am not playing what you'd consider a fair build - death's oath/blight - but at least I need to get close enough to the enemy. And even then, if he outranges me just a little bit, I can easily get bursted down. Try that with one of those glacial cascade miners. For more details: whiteboard explainer