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  1. Hey guys, Need your help / subjective opinions on my thesis by answering these questions for me for my final year thesis. 1. Do you what Game Feel is? Yes No 2.a. In your opinion what component makes a "good" game? Graphics Audio / Music User Controls Other (Specify) 3.b. Why? 3.a. In the GIF below, which shooting mechanic looks better? "Introduction" or "Even More Permanence"? GIF Link: http://i.imgur.com/WDDs2ul.mp4 3.b. Why? 4. Do you pay close attention to the design of game mechanics and overall design in a game? Yes No 5. Do you think that game mechanic design is important in the overall feel of a game? (For example: If your favourite game was Halo 5, if the player mechanics were poorly designed, could this make or break the game for you?) Yes No ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This topic is locked so nobody replies in the thread. Please PM me with the responses. Any responses used in the thesis will be referred to as "One respondent said..." or "One participant said...". No identifiable references will be used. Thanks. - Jamie
  2. Yeah @Zocker That game actually looks pretty sick, did you carry on development?
  3. NOTE: This website is not impressive, it's 2 years old so a lot of my "work" was bad.
  4. Yes.. Yes we did.
  5. Oh my god, how dare you! I'm going to cry while I tuck in to my 1kg jar of Nutella
  6. ^ And a Halo vinyl from yours truly. WHERE'S THE PICTURE OF THAT HUH! BAD FRIEND!
  7. I got a 1KG jar of Nutella

    That guy on the right staring at Michael though. Where even was that taken @Cap'n Myth

    Tak Fujii accepted my invite to connect with him on LinkedIn. I'VE FINALLY MADE IT!
  10. And the crowd goes mild
  11. The whole Brexit thing is stupid, nothing if anything will happen for a considerably long time. Theresa May was aiming for March signing which will only be pushed back even more if parliament favour for the signing of Article 50 which will then take 2 years before Britain leaves. Plus if parliament vote to not sign it that'll be that, or have a secondary vote, considering how many millions of people were misinformed from the leave campaign, it'll most likely be to remain.

    #500! I WIN! This is the best thing to have happened this past week.

    Yeah it's really quite bad how split the UK is now. Look how terrible leaving has left us. Pound is worth nothing, leave campaign backtracking on all their promises literally hours after winning the leave, Boris Johnson could be next Prime Minister, Universities are being hit, some badly. I've not seen anything good come of this. I hope this second referendum happens, it probably won't but I hope for the sake of the UK it does. I can probably guarantee that 90% of people wouldn't have said anything bad about the EU prior to David Cameron including the referendum in his manifesto. Also that kind of implies that all you sided with leave was for the immigration control.

    I think me and Kyle beat you 6,000,000 - 0 this time.