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  1. I've honestly been gone from here so long I forgot why I left lol. I've been pretty busy with college and life in general haha. I started drawing more seriously about 2 years ago
  2. Hi peoples, it has been a while. Nice to see the site still exists haha. As for me, I have pretty much given up music and shifted my focus to art. Here's my most recent drawing. Oh boy Meanwhile I guess Snaught is still getting his food. God damn
  3. What the shit

    1. Kyle


      o hai mike

    2. Hedgie


      are you that rare monster sonicdude ?

  4. The stream is up and running! If you wanna stream on the UFG channel, send me a PM!

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    2. Kyle


      Mike, you really need to find a way to do your own stream. I know your internet sucks, but somebody's gotta head up that part of the website.

    3. Best Dude55

      Best Dude55

      kyle it is literally impossible with my upload speed. 0.3 mbps will get me half a frame per second at most

    4. Kyle


      Just don't broadcast in HD.

  5. Alright everyone, the stream is fully up and running! If you're interested in streaming on our channel, look at my first post on how to get set up, then shoot me a PM for the stream key!
  6. We should get a tab for the stream
  7. "should"
  8. Join in as we all go head to head in an awesome game of TF2 together! Server info TBD. Also, Team Fortress 2 is free, so if you don't have it, download it now before Tuesday! Taking place at 8:00 PM GMT, so please adjust according to your time zone
  9. Unfunny Gamer: "Hi...I'm in Delaware..."
  10. Holy shit I sound autistic in this
  11. Kyle, how do I get Senpai to notice me?
  12. God I've never seen a fatass as bad as Snaught. I mean who eats dinner for years on end anyway
  13. It's Happening..... THE COMMUNITY UPDATE! That's right! In our continuing effort to grow our community and get to know each other more, we're rolling out some brand new community events and features! Starting off, we're going to start hosting some community events on a regular basis! These events can include game nights on Steam, movie nights, and lots of other fun online activities! If you haven't already, join our steam group here! Me and Kyle will be posting events and announcements for game nights there so that everyone can know ahead of time and get reminders. Next, with the help of Kyle, we are in the process of implementing a livestream for our forums! This will be a completely community-run stream, so that means even you can stream stuff (that is, as long as your internet can handle it)! You can stream whatever game you're playing, or maybe you can stream yourself making an art masterpiece - it's up to you! If you're interested in streaming, there are a few steps you have to go through to get set up. First, download the Open Broadcast Software from After you have that installed, take a look at for a tutorial on how to get the software set up (click "tutorial" next to where it says "get OBS"). Lastly, if you are ready to go and want to stream, send me a PM on the forums so I can give you the stream key! Lastly on our list of community updates is the return of Unfunny Gamer Radio! As of now, we don't have a definite date for the return of it, but be on the lookout for updates as we get it set back up and ready to use!
  14. u wot m8
  15. Hi

    This will probably be my only post