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  2. Hi, Mig, all the best. And born on the same say as Cukras. (Happy Birthday to you too John) Never met or spoke to you but I feel like I know you seeing your pic in the model and slot mags back in the day. No offense but I much preferred looking at the pics of Donna in the bathtub. For more Details: Animated video for business
  3. Hi, I meant to post this earlier - To anyone of you who have had the pleasure to meet Toodles at various FFs I thought you would like the opportunity to wish her a very happy birthday. I know she doesn't come on the Forum very often but I am hoping she will read this today. For more Details: Animated Promos
  4. Hi, So,for me its time to give back to the company which made us all tech geeks to the company which showed us that price∝specs is not always correct To the company which got me interested in tech,and got me a job as a tech writer To the company which have us friends from all over the World To the company which taught us Internet etiquette #Begging To the most open company, which never kept a secret from us So,how do we pay back to them? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: product video content
  5. Hi, They say time flies when you launch a startup to take on the entire smartphone industry.It’s been an entire 365 days since OnePlus was founded. We’re all a little bit older, a little bit wiser. It’s safe to say we’ve had some bumps along the way, but all in all it’s been one unbelievable year. And we wouldn’t want to celebrate with anyone but you guys. For more Details: Pharmaceutical Video
  6. Hello. Have you ever watched an anime and felt a strange sinking sensation as you fell off a cliff of madness, down a rabbit hole, or into a hall of mirrors? Basically, have you ever watched an anime with a strange plot? Which anime? Why was it strange? Did you find the gold at the end of the rainbow? I actually run into a lot of anime that I feel are pretty strange, but for my own example, I'll just cite Girls und Panzer. At first glance, it's just "cute girls doing cute things", but if you really think about it, then things start to seem a little strange. I found myself thinking about the circumstances that could lead to an isolated world where girls engage in fierce battle in tanks. Think about it. What about casualties? Are they training for some kind of war? If so, then are they always at war? Is everyone always at war? Why the hell are tanks only for girls? What's up with the schools? Where are all of the men/boys?!?!?! Are they all prisoners!? IS THIS A WEIRD SOCIETY OF TANK DRIVING AMAZONIAN WARRIORS!?!?! Please Help. Thanks ! I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Advertising Media Platforms Video
  7. Hello, So everyone knows the Steam sales have started, which is amazing, however I don't have that much money, and I'm very picky with my selection of games. So my question today is quite simple, which game should I buy? Red Dragon, or Normandy 44? My needs are quite simple, I'm just looking for a good game at a fair price Please help Thanks I didn't find the right solution from the Internet References: Business Intelligence Video
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  11. Hello, I could say cartoony but i've been saying that a lot recently, animations are bouncy, the environments are bright and colourful with plenty of bloom, voice acting is cheery and child friendly, the AI conversations in the quick look were making me cringe, character abilities turn people into glowy superheroes, ground pounding like a comic book character or sprouting flaming angel wings and swords. I'm not averse to colourful things, but there's an asthetic in Destiny which feels like, i don't know, a kids tv show with fighting in it or something...Having a thin story doesn't help either, kids don't care about fully realised worlds with suffering, politics and consequences, those have been replaced with magic, smiles and badass robots! I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: product launch videos
  12. Hello, If you think traps are bad, then trust me, mines are FAR worse. They're like "Hey, let's offscreen you with a skill the size of the entire arena so you have no way of dodging it!" I know that I myself am not playing what you'd consider a fair build - death's oath/blight - but at least I need to get close enough to the enemy. And even then, if he outranges me just a little bit, I can easily get bursted down. Try that with one of those glacial cascade miners. For more details: whiteboard explainer
  13. qwop is the best , do u know someone could to run 100 meters in qwop
  14. Never thought I'd find a reason to join Discord until now. I'll be on there eventually.
  15. awesome review . i like how you never discard UFG regacy forum .
  16. Let's just get right into it, shall we? Sonic ManiaPlatforms: PC-Steam, PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Xbox One, SwitchDeveloper: Christian Whitehead/headCANNON/PagodaWest Games Publisher: SEGARelease date: August 15, 2017 (PS4/XB1/Switch), delaying the PC version is just another bullshit excuse from Sega and them pretending that Sonic was ever good (PC)Price upon release: $19.99Buy it: Oh no Sonic Mania is the latest in the Sonic series of games going back to 1991 that were released on Sega systems. They were considered revolutionary at the time, blending the platforming action of Mario with the speed of 3-D World Runner. As you can tell, it's an incredibly derivative game design and it's amazing anyone ever found it revolutionary in the first place. The first game in the series was called "Sonic the Hedgehog," an unimaginative title which just spells out the name of the character. Sonic 1 is a non issue, it's just a terrible game. Anyways, if Sonic was ever good, which he wasn't, and if you think he ever was you like to have sex with Big the Cat, the only good ones were the 2D ones like Sonic 1 or Sonic 2. I remember when I was a kid going through Green Hill Zone from Sonic 2, that was pretty fun. But it's pretty clear Sonic lost his way after they stopped making 2D games in 1998 with Sonic Adventure, and every single Sonic game since has been awful. I mean, just look at Sonic Adventure. How can this pass as a modern game? Janky animations, lousy voice acting, and a convoluted story. What year is this? And let's not forget the abominations that were Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom. Those three games cement just how far Sonic has fallen and how his 3D games have never, ever been good. I mentioned earlier that Sonic was never good in the first place, but he was neverer good in the 3D games. Like, seriously, I can't stress enough how there was never a good 3D Sonic game. It's like Sega took a nap from 1994 to 2017. Actually, they're still napping, because the beautiful game that is Sonic Mania wasn't even made by Sega. It's a glorified fangame that just so happens to be out on consoles. But I guess it's pretty good, if you like this kind of game. It looks nice, at least, but all it does for me is proves how Sonic was never good in the first place. There are enemies that pop up before you even have a chance to react and if you're not prepared, BOOM, there go all of your coins. I think it's stupid how Sonic loses his coins whenever he gets hurt. Why can't it be something like Mario where you keep all of your coins even when you die? It's easier to get extra lives that way. Mario is way better than Sonic. Mario was always way better than Sonic. Quick, try and say there's ever been a bad Mario game ever. Time's up, and as of writing this there are no comments below the post so the polls are closed. Kind of like Yooka-Laylee, the dated mechanics of Sonic Mania show through just how dreadful of a game series this always was. It's time to put down Sonic. He needs to die. That's why my score for Sonic Mania is 10/10. This score is reserved for some of the best of the best games out there and I'm proud to give it to such a terrible game series as Sonic which doesn't deserve this rating. I rescind my 10/10 rating and give it an 11/10 that it clearly deserves much more for being a terrible game. (Working on a real review, including pictures of the Collector's Edition for Steam. It should be up Soon™)

    I take oe thousand , motherhuggers .
  18. Well, now I'm officially on Discord! I was already on Discord, but if we're hanging out together then I have a good reason to start using it. Thanks for taking the initiative Carvool. I agree that UFG is inactive because it's pretty isolated, but as long as we're all having a good time together, I don't much mind where we congregate.
  19. Well, instead of just complaining, I decided to go ahead and do something relating to the suggestions I've had recently. Of course, as you can tell from the title, I went ahead and decided on Discord as the place I'd like to get this started. There's three main reasons. Firstly: mobile notifications. I think I can speak for (nearly) everyone when I say that having a chat with notifications increases one's ability to interact significantly. Secondly, it's a very ubiquitous piece of software at this point that many people might already have installed. Even if you don't have it, you should give it a shot. Not even for what I'm promoting here, there are a lot of public communities on discord relating to all sorts of interests. And Finally, the channel-based structure of Discord can provide an interesting blend between the structure of a forum, and the activity of a chatroom. I'm also aware that there are some downsides related to discord. If you want to preserve your computer's performance, it might be problematic to keep a chat client running all the time. Discord is by no means the lightest chat client out there. It's also likely not going to be embedded on the site. Quincybot is not currently capable of operating in a discord chat (although if this proves to be a successful idea, I will happily port him to discord.) And lord knows what kind of challenge there's going to be getting everyone on board with switching chats. To any of these criticisms I will say that I'm still open to suggestions. This was what I thought might be best, but I can't really say I'm the authority on that. This forum has become extremely inactive over time, but I think just about everybody would agree that it has nothing to do with the fact that we don't want to interact and be a part of the community and everything to do with the fact that a dedicated forum to such a small group is a little cumbersome for what you get out of it. It can almost seem to feel like an obligation to get stuff moving here sometimes. And leaving a tab open for as long as you're on the website isn't always good enough. But I've spent enough time rambling. Here's the link to join: Hope to see you there!
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